A new venture. For now.

Hi Friends,

I am taking a break. Actually, I have been taking a break from blogging for a new, fun venture. I’ve developed great interest in health and nutrition over the years and my husband (who is the best chiropractor in the world) and I are on a quest to make people healthier, one person at a time.

We recently discovered a whole food nutrition supplement called Juice Plus, which is 100% organically grown vegetables and fruits. It’s the most researched nutrition product on the market today and has changed our lives. Our friends, our families, our colleagues and patients are also discovering how their lives (and their children’s) can change by simply giving their bodies the nutrition it’s craving.

We aren’t vitamin deficient (a whole other rant that I could get into about how vitamins don’t work due to the megadoses of minerals/vitamins they give) – we are whole food deficient. Did you know that we only know of 500 nutrients in an apple when there are thousands unknown? These nutrients work synergistically together in perfect balance to keep our cells healthy, prevent heart disease and even Alzheimer’s.

Juice Plus does not replace fruits and vegetables – and you still need to exercise! It’s just a great compliment to a diet since most people (if anyone) can eat the recommended 7-13 servings a day. It’s a very exciting time, and I am thrilled to share my excitement with everyone!

Check out our website at www.perkswithjuiceplus.com and message us with any questions – chiropractic, nutrition or product related!

Until later, Friends. I will be back to blogging in the future!

Perks Being Me